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Fight Elite MMA is an academy designed for the MMA sport. Training under head coach Irfan “Inferno” Khan, our athletes are in the elite league to compete at a national and international level. For those who are not interested in competition, they have the chance to learn this complex sport, improve their overall performance and get into shape. The physical results of training MMA on a regular basis include increased flexibility, higher stamina, building up strength, agility improves, reflexes become faster, learning self-defence, as well as other benefits such as fighting depression, boosting confidence and providing a well needed break from daily work tasks.

At Fight Elite, we believe that every effort will display results. The will to learn has to come for an individual, but those who show up will be lifted by the trainers to another level of fitness and focus. Discipline is therefore a founding stone to progress. Basics are taught in the Beginners batch, and then as per your improvement you can graduate to Intermediate, Advanced and eventually Fighters batch. As you progress, the techniques taught will become more complex as well as be more physically demanding. It is your own dedication that determines how far you go in this sport.

An essential and core aspect of our Academy is respect. Respect your trainers, listen to everything they have to teach. Respect your training partners, help them improve as they will also help you. Respect the sport as it will give you many valuable lessons. Respect your body and its limitations, but keep pushing yourself to go beyond your own limits.


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